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Wednesday April 25, 2018
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Custom Protein Antibodies (Poly)
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GSI has been providing custom protein and antibody services throughout the US and many international institutions. GSI services have been referenced in most top-ranked scientific journals.

Custom antibodies to peptides can be made in variety of species (rabbit, goat, g. pig, chicken, etc). The decision to choose the host depends upon user’s need, species of origin of the antigen, and volumes required for your research. A typical standard protocol will be 70-days and it can be extended to obtain more antibodies. Your project will be initiated in the most efficient manner. You will receive notification of this by fax/email soon after project initiation. 
Forms of peptides used for antibodies
  1. Peptides synthesized by GSI or sent to us must be conjugated to KLH/BSA or other carrier proteins
  2. User Supplied, Peptide-carrier protein conjugate
  3. Free Peptides, user supplied, and conjugation performed by GSI
Std. 70 days protocol and Prices for Ready-to-inject Antigens
All projects include 2 rabbits but we can substitute them with 2 G. Pig/Hamsters/or Chicken at an extra charge. Goat and sheep will incur additional charges. We can modify the std immunization and bleed protocols and includes more animals if requested. Other animals, not included above, can be provided as well. Please contact GSI for current prices and availability.

Std 70 days protocol
includes up to 5 injections (i.m. and s.c. at multiple sites at 14 day intervals); 1 preimmune bleed (~2 ml per animal), 2 immune bleeds (std. bleeds at weeks 7 and 9; ~15-20 mls per rabbit). All projects may be extended on a monthly basis, for a nominal fee, to collect more antiserum (2 bleeds per month). Please inform us prior to the conclusion of std protocol if you wish to extend the projects. Please consult Some Commonly Asked Questions About Custom Peptide And Antibody Services for bleed volume in other species and optional services.

# Animals in
Std package
Cat #
Typical Std
75-100 mls
5-10 ml &
6-12 Eggs
5-10 mls
500 mls
500 mls
0.5-1 mls
5-10 mls

* more animals can be added for additional cost.
Optional Services(affinity purification, antibody conjugation to HRP/AP, biotinylation, etc) are also available

Optional Services - The following services can be added to any std. custom antibody project as described above.

(Catalog No: CPEL-1; $125) ELISA
. GSI uses proprietary techniques and buffer solutions to coat free peptides or proteins on ELISA plates. Therefore antibodies to the carrier protein are not detected. We test individual preimmune and immune serum at 4 dilutions (1:100, 1:1K, and 1:10K, 1:100K). A detailed ELISA report is provided with every test regarding antibody titer of each animal. Antibody titer reported in our ELISA report refers only to anti-peptide or protein antibodies. Complete instructions of performing ELISA and reagents used are given in ELISA Procedure.

Affinity Purification:GSI can couple the provided antigen (peptide, proteins) to prepare the affinity matrix. Antibodies will be purified, and affinity purified antibodies tested by ELISA, and compared with unpurified serum. We also monitor the antibody activity in the unbound fractions to make sure antibodies are not overloaded and wasted. We provide a complete ELISA report, affinity pure antibodies, and supply the affinity column as well. Any 1 bleed can be purified.
Cat # CPAF-1 ($595).
Ideally, we need approx. 5-10 mg of antigen for making the affinity matrix.

Antibody Service Guarantee: GSI has Scientists in its staff with over 20 years of experience in raising and using antibodies. GSI offers a reasonable guarantee for its custom services. If you provide us with sufficient antigen and follow our recommendations then we guarantee to produce high titer antibodies (at least 1:1K by an ELISA assay; average titer 10K-100K) or repeat the whole project in fresh animals or in different species (e.g., chicken) at no cost. 

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